Sprinkler Tank liners and Water Tank liners

Liquitech Ltd has a wealth of experience in the application of butyl liners to many forms of water storage tanks, for industrial and potable use. Most water storage tanks are positioned externally at ground level, but we have lined many tanks built below ground, within buildings, or even on structural steel towers.

Using butyl, we have successfully lined water storage tanks up to 16.8m diameter; we have also installed sprinker tank liners up to 12m high, and in the case of rectangular tanks, up to 18m long.

Butyl liners have excellent resistance to shrinkage and cracking. Combined with an ability to remain flexible and impervious at temperatures well beyond the extremes of the UK’s ambient weather conditions, butyl liners are ideally suited for use as sprinkler tank liners and potable water storage tank liners.

In addition, butyl liners are highly puncture resistant, frost resistant and stable in direct UV/sunlight.

Our water tank liners are uniquely made, off site, to your tank’s internal dimensions and hung in the tank, using bolted fixings above the top water level. Liners with a complex shape can be made this way, using hot vulcanised joints. Where it is not practical to supply a fully tailored tank liner, we will partly fabricate it in-situ – using the same hot vulcanising fabrication process – to ensure a well fitted, fully watertight, liner is installed. This allows us to economically install sprinkler tank liners and water storage tank liners, even if they have features such as sumps or columns in them.

We can supply the butyl liners in a range of thicknesses, to suit differing applications, and they can include reinforced sections where the tank configuration requires this.

We can also supply tank liners with WRAS certification for use in tanks storing potable water.

To give added assurance that the tank liner will provide a long, trouble free life, we also install a geotextile matting liner underlay to give an extra degree of protection from any protrusions on the surface of the tank floor, or walls.

Butyl liners are well suited to the storage of water and many chemicals, but we can offer alternative lining materials if you need to store a liquid that is not suited to butyl. If in doubt, please contact us to discuss your specific lining application.