Sprinkler Tank and Water Tank Refurbishment, Repair and Maintenance

Refurbishment of a sprinkler tank or water tank can take many forms.

A typical maintenance or repair regime may include some or even all of the following;

  • Draining down and cleaning of the tank floor and walls
  • Removal of any damaged or failing paint finishes and sealants.
  • Application of a rust inhibiting finish to the interior of the tank.
  • Repair of small holes or damaged panels in the tank shell.
  • Replacement of damaged or corroded internal pipe work and fittings.
  • Installation of a liner.
  • Renewal of ancillaries such as immersion heaters, ball valves, contents gauges, drain valves, pipework insulation and cladding, access ladders etc.
  • Liners

    We are able to line tanks with a variety of liners, to suit specific needs, the most commonly used being butyl.

    Butyl is an ideal material for lining water storage tanks and can be tailored to suit tanks of all sizes and shapes – normally as a single pre-fabricated liner.

    Where it is not practical to supply the liner in one piece, for example in irregularly shaped concrete tanks, we can vulcanise the liner in-situ.

  • Tank Covers

    Tank covers prevent debris, vermin and vegetation falling into the tank and also prohibit algae growth due to sunlight action.

    A range of covers are available to suit a variety of tank designs. These can include aluminium covers, galvanised steel and GRP.

  • Ancillaries

    We are able to supply and install a wide variety of tank ancillaries, such as replacement ball valves, immersion heaters, tank vents, drain valves, contents gauges, high and low level float sensors etc.

  • Tank Dismantling

    Occasionally, water storage tanks have to be dismantled, and Liquitech is able to help here too. We can safely dismantle bolted or welded tanks, leaving materials on site, or disposing of them on a client's behalf. 

From experience we know that each tank site is unique, and that we cannot cover all circumstances in our web site, so please contact us to discuss your specific requirements for tank, or pipework, inspection or sprinkler/water tank refurbishment.