Sprinkler Tank and Water Storage Tank Inspection, Repair and Maintenance Services

Tank Refurbishment - Liquitech Limited

Refurbishment, Repair and Maintenance

Refurbishment of a sprinkler tank or water tank can take many forms.

A typical maintenance or repair regime may include some or even all of the following;

Draining down and cleaning of the tank floor and walls.
Removal of any damaged or failing paint finishes and sealants.
Application of a rust inhibiting finish to the interior of the tank.
Repair of small holes or damaged panels in the tank shell.
Replacement of damaged or corroded internal pipe work and fittings.
Installation of a liner or replacement liner.
Renewal of ancillaries such as immersion heaters, ball valves, contents gauges, drain valves, pipework insulation, access ladders etc.


Liquitech Ltd has a wealth of experience in the application of butyl liners to many forms of water storage tanks, for industrial and potable use. Most water storage tanks are positioned externally at ground level, but we have lined many tanks built below ground, within buildings, or even on structural steel towers.

Using butyl, we have successfully lined water storage tanks up to 16.8m diameter; we have also installed sprinker tank liners up to 12m high, and in the case of rectangular tanks, up to 18m long.

Butyl liners have excellent resistance to shrinkage and cracking. Combined with an ability to remain flexible and impervious at temperatures well beyond the extremes of the UK’s ambient weather conditions, butyl liners are ideally suited for use as sprinkler tank liners and potable water storage tank liners. In addition, butyl liners are highly puncture resistant, frost resistant and stable in direct UV/sunlight.

The picture shows a concrete tank that has a total of seven internal columns that we lined as part of the tank lining project.

Tank Roofs & Roof Structures

We regularly replace corroded roof support purlins on sprinkler tanks. This can be safely done from the underside of the roof without having to remove the complete structure. 

Where a tank roof has collapsed, we can remove it and replace it with a new roof designed to meet the current standards.

The picture shows a roof support purlin that has corroded because it has been submerged in water.


We are able to supply and install a wide variety of tank ancillaries such as:

Replacement ball valves
Immersion heaters
Tank vents
Drain valves
Contents gauges
High and low level float sensors
Trace heating and lagging

Tank Dismantling

Occasionally, water storage tanks have to be dismantled, and Liquitech is able to help here too. We can safely dismantle bolted or welded tanks, leaving materials on site, or disposing of them on a client's behalf.

The picture shows a sprinkler tank being dismantled. We are using our hydraulic jacks to lower the tank in a controlled manner enabling our engineers to safely work at ground level throughout.