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About Liquitech

Liquitech inspect, clean, repair and maintain sprinkler and water tanks. We work on tanks that are supplied in a wide variety of materials and designs, including vertical and horizontal cylindrical tanks, sectional steel or GRP rectangular tanks, elevated tanks and underground concrete tanks. We provide services to a variety of market sectors, including the fire protection industry, property and building maintenance contractors, construction companies and water authorities, among others. Each of our customers' sites are unique, and we find ourselves working on tanks in basements, car parks, goods yards, building roofs, towers and in many more areas, mostly with restricted access. Consequently, we provide bespoke Risk Assessments and Method Statements for all projects, ensuring the safety of our staff our customers' staff and property at all times. Our site crews undergo regular training, and are certified competent for a variety of working practices such as Medium Risk Confined Space Works. We are always eager to embrace new working practices, technologies, and materials that can improve the work we do and the services we provide, such as submersible cameras. We are proud of our reputation as a company that provides a dependable service, and invite you to browse our website and contact us for more information and help. Liquitech is committed to an operating philosophy based on openness in communication, integrity in serving our customers, fairness and concern for our employees and responsibility to the communities within which we operate. Our vision is to exceed customer expectations for quality, safety, health and sustainability at a competitive cost.

Our Insurance

Liquitech Ltd has an insurance suite which goes above and beyond the standard industry requirements in order to ensure we protect our clients to the fullest. We hold the following classes of Insurance which will be of interest to you.   Public and Product Liability, with an Additional Excess Layer of cover providing a total limit of indemnity of £10,000,000, what makes our choice of carrier different is that they do not exclude efficacy cover, this is of course often referred to as Failure to Perform. While often not explicit in insurance contracts, insurers are often Silent on Efficacy this means that while not specifically excluded in the event of a claim they will not pay. We have taken expert advice to ensure this is never a problem for us or our clients.  Professional indemnity Insurance, insurance protects you against loss or damage as a result of the impact of negligent services or advice received. Liquitech understand that our words can have just as big an impact to our customers as our actions therefore we ensure that appropriate cover is in place for the advice given. We hold a £5,000,000 limit of indemnity which again you will notice a superior level of cover to our competitors. We carry Employers Liability of £10,000,000 to protect our Employees as is expected and Comprehensive Fleet insurance in order to appropriately cover our vehicles and all our drivers.

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