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What are the key benefits of an ROV inspection?

The tank can remain online at all times during the inspection. Removes the need for confined space working. Cost effective.

How long does it take to refurbish a tank?

Our engineers can typically refurbish a tank within five days. This excludes the drain down and refilling of the tank.

How often should a sprinkler tank be inspected?

In accordance with the latest edition of TB203 - please contact us for further guidance.

Is a sprinkler tank a confined space?

In simple terms, yes. We follow the correct procedures required for the safe entry into all tanks.

Does the work carry any warranty?

Our liner installations carry a ten year warranty. Any parts supplied such as contents gauges or ball valves carry a standard twelve month warranty.

What areas of the UK does Liquitech cover?

We cover all of the United Kingdom, including Ireland.

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